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Patron Comments


This was an evening to remember for sure!!!! Continually reminded of how blessed I am to have found this theater family for my girls and me!
~ Becki Cross


A high energy Christmas card for the entirety of Northern Kentucky.
~ Bill McCann on Yo Ho Ho 2016


Very enjoyable experience with our family. It is very encouraging to have a local theatre in a small town that encourages growth and diversity.
~ M. L. Mortimer


Thanks so very much for providing Kincaid Regional Theatre!   I look forward to this each summer.
~ B. Rawlings


It is incredible to have these amazing productions here in our area for a great price!
~ K.W.B.


It was a super nice place, enjoyed it, can't wait to attend another event.
~ R.H. 


It does my heart good to see today's youth involved with the Arts & working side by side with the Adults for a common cause. Bringing so much joy to the Community thru the Theater has to be a good thing for everyone involved.
~Sandy Center

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance of a lifetime and helping me in many ways better myself not only as an actor or musican but also as a person. I could not have asked for anything better to happen for me over the summer and we are so fortunate to have a regional theatre in this area, expecially for the youth. Thanks again and God Bless!
~Sean Whitaker

The KRT really puts on a quality production -  Every year you never fail to impress and entertain. Thanks.
~ B. Furnish


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